What exactly is The Top 1% and why you’ll want to be part of it…

Top 1% founder, Nigel Botterill, explains:

As a member of The Top 1% you’ll receive the richest combination of done-for-you marketing tools ever made available in the UK including:

  • Complete Exclusivity – you’ll be the only business of your type in your Area so once you join, none of your competitors can;
  • Positioning as one of The Top 1% at what you do – certificates, stickers, logos etc;
  • Access to done-for-you social media campaigns if/when you want it
  • ‘Google My Business’ sorted and kept upto date for you – worth £250 per year.
  • More and better online reviews for your business – because you’ll have the best review management software on the planet working for you -with almost all of the work done for you by our crack team This would cost you at least £2,800 per year IF you could find it anywhere
  • Regular Top 1% Networking Events – in your Area – worth around £1,000 per year
  • Full membership of Entrepreneurs Circlewhich would cost you £468 per year
  • And your own Top One Percent Relationship Manager who’ll look after you and make sure that you get maximum benefits from everything on offer.

That’s over £5,000 of value PLUS the exclusivity and positioning which you can’t really put a price on – and to be clear, we do almost all of the work for you.

And it’s available for just £69.95 per month with a £149.95 set-up fee.

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Nigel BotterillI’m a UK business owner just like you. Have been for 14 years. I’ve got the same battle scars as everyone else that’s taken this perilous path, but in amongst it all I’ve managed to build EIGHT separate million pound + businesses and help several thousand other entrepreneurs move meaningfully towards their goals.

Two things I’ve learned over the years that I know to be true :

  1. The single most important thing for any business is getting and keeping customers.
    When you have all the customers you need, everything else, one way or another, always gets taken care of;
  2. Most business owners don’t want to have to learn how to get and keep customers.
    They’d much prefer someone else to do the ‘marketing’ for them.

For the vast majority of business owners, in an ideal world:

  • They want to have plenty of customers but without having to do any of the ‘marketing work’ to get them;
  • They want to exploit all the opportunities that social media has to grow their business without having to spend hundreds of hours understanding what to do to make that happen;
  • They want to be seen as good at what they do and stand out from their competition without spending a fortune on advertising;
  • They want lots of great reviews from their customers – posted online on the sites that matter – but without all the effort that goes into coaxing and persuading people to leave those reviews;
  • They want to look great online and get enquiries and leads from the interweb without investing lots of time and money working it all out.

Sound familiar?

If so, boy have we got something that you’ll be interested in.

I’ve created an organisation called The Top 1%. It’s unlike anything that’s ever existed before.

You’ve probably never heard of it, and that’s OK, but you’ll hear a lot about it in the future because of what it’s going to do for businesses
like yours. Keyword there: ‘do.’

In simple terms, The Top 1% provides that ‘ideal world’ that we just described;

  • Get customers without having to do any ‘marketing work?’  Tick
  • Exploit social media without spending hours learning what to do?  Tick
  • Stand out from your competition without spending a fortune on advertising?  Tick
  • Lots of great reviews without all the effort?  Tick
  • Look great online and get enquiries and leads without investing lots of time and money?  Tick

Let me explain how it works:

You know that small business owners are the very lifeblood of everything that this country holds dear. Without the five million small business owners, and the 60% of the workforce that we employ, there would be no money for the NHS, there would be no support for the vulnerable in our community, there would be no police, no firemen, no nurses…

Every day we’re in the trenches fighting against the big brands, with their unlimited advertising budgets and their clever corporate structures that help them to avoid tax.

We don’t have financial safety nets. Everything we do is with our own money.

Yet the key to our nation’s future is in our hands – we have to succeed. Not just for the sake of the economy, but for our families and for our employees. It’s all down to us.

The Top 1% is here to help you make your business more successful and more profitable. To get the right things done.

We have products and services and tools that we KNOW can change people’s businesses – and their lives – significantly for the better.

And we’ll do it for you. To be clear, that means we’ll do much of the work.

I know for sure that if you’ve got a half decent business at the moment, then the things that we
can bring ought to be capable of adding an average of £50,000 a year of profit to your bottom line.

What difference would an extra £50,000 of profit each year make to you?

Think about that for a moment.

Now, to be clear, that’s not a promise or a guarantee. There are lots of factors at play here, but The Top 1% has been created with the express intent of helping its members businesses grow profit by an average of £50,000 each per year.

And we’re setting out to do this for 50,000 businesses.

Because 50,000 businesses is 1% of all businesses in the UK.

Now, when you add £50,000 of profit to 50,000 businesses, you create £2.5 billion of additional profit to UK plc. And to get there creates many thousands of new jobs and generates hundreds of millions of pounds in additional tax revenues each year – which is exactly what this country needs.

Also, when you do it properly and do it right, you bring businesses and their communities together. Small businesses are the essence of our local communities; we’re the beating heart of our local economies.

So many small businesses are capable of becoming so much more than they are today and we’re going to help them get there.

We’ll provide one-to-one and done-for-you support to every one of the 50,000 businesses that join The Top 1%; we’ll give you a platform and we’ll help you – practically and tangibly – to get more customers and grow your profitability.

This isn’t about teaching you or ‘showing’ you. It’s about DOING practical, useful stuff for your business that will help you to grow.

We’re going to do it by finding:

     – one business…
     – in each major town in the UK.

These will be business owners who want to grow; who want to be the best they can; who are proud of what they do, and how they do it. Those are the criteria to be part of this.

Being in the Top 1% is about your behaviour, your attitude and your intent.

We’ll provide hands on help for just ONE business of each ‘business type’ (e.g dentist, printer, photographer etc.) in each part of the country. Only one of each business in each Area; that exclusivity is important in order for this to work.

You’ll become part of the most comprehensive and effective marketing support service anywhere in the country AND be positioned as one of the very best at what you do.

Here’s what you’ll get as a Member of The Top 1%:

  • Complete exclusivity – you’ll be the only business of your type in your Area in The Top 1%. Once you’re a member, none of your competitors can join
  • Positioning as one of the Top 1% at what you do. Certificate, stickers, logos for inclusion in your marketing
  • …access to done-for-you social media campaigns if/when you want it…
  • …other done-for-you marketing services which are only available to members
  • ‘Google My Business’ sorted and kept up to date for you
  • More and better online reviews for your business – because you’ll have the best review management software on the planet working for you – with almost all of the work done for you by our crack team
  • Top 1% Networking Events – in your Area, six times a year
  • Promotion of your offers and events
  • Monthly Business Growth magazine – the most widely read publication of its type in the UK delivered in the post each month
  • Hundreds of pounds of exclusive savings and deals – on stuff you’re already buying anyway
  • World-class Implementation Plans to help you and your team get more stuff done…
  • And your TOP Relationship Manager who’ll look after you and make sure that you get maximum benefits from everything on offer

Plus, you’re fully protected with our 100% Money Back Guarantee where if you’re not chuffed to bits with what we’re doing and what you’re seeing,then just tell us and we’ll give you all your money back.

We’ll create a community in each Area – The Top 1% – who will become ambassadors for what we’re trying to achieve. And because they’re ambassadors, each member of The Top 1% will sign a pledge to:

– do all they can to support their local community;
– set the highest standards in how they go about business;
– pay their taxes on time;
– treat their staff well and actively develop them;
– and to serve their customers in a way that they themselves would want to be served.

Oh, and we’re going to limit what you have to invest to access this unprecedented level of help and support.

We’re going to cap it at just £69.95 + VAT a month with a £149.95 set-up fee.

That’s how serious we are about this. It’s less than some people spend on coffee each month, but their lives will change as a result.

More importantly, so will their impact on their local communities and the lives of the people that work with them and those that live with them. Their families.

That’s why we’re doing this.

50,000 businesses grown by £50,000 a year…

Are you in?

If so, come and join The Top 1%…

Nigel Botterill
Founder, The Top One Percent

The Benefits of Joining The Top 1%:


Firstly, as its name implies, being part of The Top 1% is exclusive.

Only ONE business of each business type in each part of the country can join The Top 1%.

The country has been split into over 300 Areas and we will work with only one hairdresser, one estate agent, one solicitor etc in each Area.

This is because we will position you properly – online and elsewhere – as one of the very best at what you do AND so that the actual marketing that we’ll do for you works (its effectiveness would be diluted if multiple businesses in each town were able to use it).

It also means that if you have the spot for your Area, then none of your competitors can have it!

See The Top 1% Areas

2. Your Positioning

An integral part of what we’ll do for you will be to make it clear to everybody:

a. That you’re part of The Top 1% of businesses in your Area
b. WHY you’re ‘the best’ at what you do in your Area – what it is that makes you worthy of being in The Top 1%.

‘Best’ means different things to different people. You might be best for quality, or best for value, or best for speed etc. We’ll help you to define what it is that you’re ‘best’ at and why you deserve to be in the Top 1% – and then we’ll shout about it to your potential customers.

Getting this positioning right for you is a key foundation.

To help really bring your positioning to life, we’ll also send you a Top 1% certificate, stickers for your windows and vehicles and digital collateral that you can use online or in your marketing.


Being part of The Top 1% is all about getting more customers for you – and significantly growing your profits – and our social media service is no exception.

3.Reviews & Recommendations

This is a biggie!

Online reviews matter in business. A lot. As a member of The Top 1%, you’ll benefit from our unique recommendations and reviews service.

Reviews give your business greater visibility online and are insanely influential in converting leads into customers.

But there’s a problem: all the reputation and review management tools out there are either:

(a) too expensive;
(b) doing it wrong;
(c) awful to use; or
(d) all of the above.

Not anymore! As a member of The Top 1% you’ll have the best review management software on the planet working for your business – and we’ll take care of much of the work for you.

We’ll maintain a laser focus on what matters:

Getting more and better online reviews for you

– whichever sites they count most on for you;

Help you to recover any unhappy customers

before they bad-mouth you online;

Monitor your performance and alert you to any issues

with our beautiful monthly reports of all the reviews about you online;

Amplifying your best reviews

by automatically feeding them to your website and to social media for you.

4.‘Google My Business’ sorted for you

As part of your onboarding – and indeed your positioning – we’ll make sure your ‘Google My Business’ listing is all sorted and bang up to date.

Google My Business enables you to take charge of what people see when they do a local search for your business and/or for what you do.

It’s a really important part of what Google can do to help you market your business and ensure that your customers can find you. We’ll do a full audit, and, where necessary, fix anything that needs sorting to ensure that you’re absolutely up to date and complete.

We’ll also review it regularly for you on an ongoing basis to make sure you stay in tip-top condition.

5.Done For You Marketing

As a member of The Top 1% you’ll have access to your own ‘Done-For-You Marketing’ service which means you can let the guys (and gals!) who KNOW what makes an effective email, Facebook Ad, flyer, launch campaign, video script, autoresponder, sales letter etc. just do it for you!

That means you get to wave goodbye to
a) the stress and hassle of producing high quality marketing assets yourself;
b) dealing with outsourced help who just don’t seem to ‘get it’;
c) constantly beating yourself up because you’re not getting the things done that will move your business forward.

Having your own world-class marketing team available ‘on-tap’ when you need them, to do bespoke work for you, is a game-changer. And you get it as part of The Top 1%.

See what we can do-for-you here

A service like this would normally cost you hundreds of pounds a month but it’s included as part of your membership of The Top 1%.

You’ll love it – and it’ll help you to grow your business AND your reputation.

You’ll also be part of the Top 1% community in your Area, which means that you’ll benefit from referrals and recommendations within that community, especially when you attend the Top 1% Networking Events on your patch.

6.Local Top 1% Networking Events

As a member of The Top 1%, you’ll become part of a movement of similar quality businesses in your Area, who are also being positioned as the best at what they do.

You’ll be the only business of your type in your Area don’t forget, and you’ll come together with those other businesses six times a year at structured networking events, where you’ll also develop and grow.

These meetings are high energy, high quality and they’re run by trained professionals who are there to facilitate you making contact and building relationships with the right people: the other Top 1% business owners in your Area.

We also share cutting edge marketing information and mini-trainings at these meetings to further help you to distance yourself from your competitors and bring in more customers.

You’ll find these events enjoyable, educational AND productive…

7.Monthly Magazine

You’ll get our 44-page Top 1% magazine delivered in the post every month.

It’s the widest read business growth publication in the country. There’s no corporate bollocks, just 100% focus on the practical things that drive the growth of your business.

Honestly, you’ll be stunned at how useful it is.

8.Top 1% Member Deals

Next up, are some monster savings.

Because you’ll be part of one of the largest business growth organisations in the country, you’ll benefit from our collective buying power which can save you more than your annual subscription with the deals that we have with different suppliers.

These are genuine, often exclusive, and always easy to access and they mean that for many members they not only get lots of new customers and markedly grow their profits, but they actually save so much that our whole service actually ends up costing nothing anyway.

8.World Class Implementation Plans

You’ll also have access to our Implementation Plan Library.

This means that if you or any of your team want to start doing further marketing on your own, then you’re equipped better than anyone has ever been, because you have access to these world-class Implementation Plans. There are currently 55 covering every possible marketing topic.

This isn’t training. They’re step-by-step guides that help you to implement.

Honestly, they’re brilliant and they’re being added to all the time.

9.Your TOP Relationship Manager

Of course, you’ll have a named, Top One Percent Relationship Manager who will keep in touch with you and take responsibility for delivering you a stellar return on your investment.

You’ll first meet your Relationship Manager on your ‘Kick-Off Call’ once you come onboard.

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

We make it really easy for you to give The Top 1% a try because the whole thing is completely risk free.

We guarantee that you’ll love being part of The Top 1% – and that it will help your business –or we’ll refund your money.

We want you to be thrilled with our service. If you’re not chuffed to bits with what we’re doing and what you’re seeing, then just tell us and we’ll work with you to make everything right, OR, if you prefer, we’ll refund you in full – no questions asked.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee applies anytime during your first 60 days of membership.

The Team Behind The Top 1%

The award-winning team behind The Top 1% are some of the
best marketers and business people in the country.

Led by Nigel Botterill, one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and founder of EIGHT separate million pound+ businesses, the team are experts at helping businesses to get customers and grow profits.

Their track-record and reputation is stellar.

They’ve helped many thousands of businesses to get more customers and grow through thebestof, the franchise business that Botterill formed in 2005, and The Entrepreneurs Circle which has been changing lives – and businesses – for the better since 2010.

Based in colourful offices near the NEC in Birmingham, The Top 1% team have now embarked on their biggest challenge to date: to help 50,000 businesses grow their profits by an average of £50,000 each.

They’re ready to mobilise and welcome you onboard as part of it…

The Criteria to be part of The Top 1%

Being part of The Top 1% is not about the size of your business.

It’s about your behaviour and your intent.To be eligible to be part of the Top 1% you must:

  • Be an owner-run business;
  • Have been trading for at least 18 months;
  • Be proud of what you do and the service that you provide to your customers;
  • Have a genuine desire to improve and to get better; to become the best that you, and your business, can be.
  • Want to grow your sales and your profits;
  • Sign the Top 1% Pledge.

We can only provide hands on help for ONE business of each ‘business type’ in each part of the country, so if you join you will become part of a genuinely exclusive ‘club’ – a community in your Area

Of course your membership will also mean that none of your competitors in your Area will be able to join.

Your Pledge

The help and support that you’ll receive as a member of The Top 1% is exceptional and unprecedented anywhere in the UK.

But before you can access any of it, you will need to commit to, and sign, The Top 1%
Pledge – just so we all know that we’re on the same page…

If I’m accepted as a member of The Top 1%, I pledge to:

  • Do all I can to support my local community;
  • Set the highest standards in how we go about and run our business;
  • Pay my taxes on time;
  • Treat my staff well and actively develop them;
  • Serve all our customers in a way that we would want to be served.
  • Be respectful of, and helpful to, my fellow members.

How To Apply

To apply for your slot in The Top 1% click the button below: